By listening to and sharing the pain of those who are suffering, you change lives and become a HERO!

Do you know what kind of volunteer activities your friends from other countries are doing?
If you want this year to be more than last, join the U9 Change Global Change Hero Program!

To help you sustain your volunteer work,
we will connect you to 249 global individual volunteers through Facebook.

You can upload activities and experiences to your Facebook feed,
communicate with other Heros through images and text, and support each other!

Recruiting Countries 249 Countries Globally
ㆍIndividual volunteers unaffiliated with an organization
ㆍNo gender, age, and nationality restrictions
ㆍOwner of a personal Facebook account
ㆍPeople who are willing to continue volunteering
ㆍEnglish speaker
ㆍUploading activities as a Global Change Hero on social media
Designated post ( 1 per month )
Free post ( 2 per month)
*Designated Post: Promote the Sharing Campaign as necessary.
*Free Post: Post and share personal volunteer work as a Global Change Hero (with photos)
*Required Hashtags
#UNINECHANGE #GlobalChangeHero #U9C
Additional hashtags may also be used

Each Free Post should be in English and your native language

Use your relevant hashtags for your native language
ex) #Guatemala #voluntario
Activity period 1 year
Activity Benefits
ㆍU9 Change Goods (Uniforms and more!)
ㆍMedication and vitamin support twice a year
ㆍQualified to apply for staff of an international branch of U9 Change

communicate with other heroes through images and text, and support each other!

U NINE CHANGE (International NPO) | (07788) , Room 171, 707 Magok Jungang-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea.