U9Change promises consistent support.

Based on fairness and transparency
We focus on medicine and education
Provide treatment and support
Encourage change and development
We seek 9 Rights of Happiness.


U9Change does it best at what it can do.
As an international non-profit relief organization, we meet children living in poverty and injustice
As doctors, we cure and prevent diseases and take care of those with medical need.
We will passionately do whatever we can and strive to do even more .


U9Change was created to provide every child their right to happiness.
We have travelled the world to combat poverty, promote education, and supply medical needs.
However, we still saw those who were out of reach.
The more we come together, the greater chance that every child in the world can find their right to happiness.

U NINE CHANGE (International NPO) | (07788) , Room 171, 707 Magok Jungang-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea.